Message from Debi Daviau, President, PIPSC:

Hello. I’m Debi Daviau, President of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada.

I’d like to introduce you to a remarkable new way that you and I can improve our working lives. I’m talking of course about an e-learning program designed exclusively for PIPSC members who want to learn more about protecting their rights in the workplace.

We’ve wanted to add e-learning to our current complement of member training programs for some time.

We particularly wanted to offer a program in which all members – not just stewards – could participate.

We wanted a program that allows all members to learn at their own pace.

And we wanted a program that prepares all members for the difficult challenges we face as public service employees, now and in the future.

And now I’m very pleased to announce we have it.

There is no additional cost to you as a member for enrolling in this program. You can complete the courses at any time that’s convenient for you, in English or in French.

We’ve made sure that the program is accessible to members with visual or hearing impairments.

And at the end you’ll be awarded your own PIPSC certificate for completing the course work.

Our first course – on Performance Management – will be especially relevant to most federal employees, but includes information useful to all PIPSC members. And our Education section is hard at work preparing many more courses.

I’m very excited about this next step in our union’s efforts to train a new generation of members, and hope that you find these materials to be a great benefit to you.

Thank you.